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Personalization Information

Engraving ~ Etching ~ Lasering ~ Illumachrome ~ Embroidery ~ Plates ~ Plaques ~ Flexi's 


General Information:


- Call Gifted directly if you need assistance submitting any personalization instructions.

We are happy to walk you through the personalization process.


Telephone 914-834-2888



- Gifted CANNOT accept any personalization instructions verbally over the phone.


- Gifted requests that all orders are placed at least 2-3 weeks before the due date. That includes finalized order and all personalization instructions.


- Changes made to an existing order OR if you place an order within the two week time frame, there is a

$75.00 rush charge.


Proofs are provided upon request

- The first proof is free, each proof after is $10.00

- Clients needing multiple proofs on different awards or gifts, please contact Gifted directly.


Engraving on Metal 

  • Engraving on any FLAT metal piece is $.35 per letter. 

  • Engraving on any ROUND metal piece is $.40 per letter

  • All engraving instructions should be submitted electronically; we cannot accept engraving instructions or layout instructions over the phone. 

  • Engraving instruction changes should be requested electronically and will be followed up with an email or call back to confirm.

  • Engraving on brass plates will be charged as engraving on flat metal and same rates apply. 

Engraved Logos on Metal 

  • ​​Engraved logos start at $5.00 per logo per piece. Logo pricing is base on intricacy and the time on the machine. Gifted will confirm all pricing prior to engraving.  

  • Please email all logos as EPS or VECTORED files. If these files are not available, please submit a high-res file. JPEG & ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR files are accepted. 

  • PDF files cannot be accepted as useable art. 

  • $45.00 one-time fee for vectoring new logos. 

  • If Gifted needs to redraw your logo or art, a $65.00 per hour studio rate will apply. 


Etching on Crystal & Glass 

  • Wording and logos on crystal and glass is included in the price of the first piece. 

  • For multiple pieces, which require changing masks, a mask fee will apply starting at $8.00pp.

  • A mask is the template used to sand blast crystal and glass, like a negative. 



  • 1st piece is free

  • 2-12 Pieces = $8.00pp

  • 12-24 Pieces = $6.00pp

  • 24 + Pieces = $4.00pp

Plates, Plaques & Flexi's

  • Gifted has a variety of flexi's and plates that can be applied to gifts and awards. Example, you can use a flexi on a box and a heavy brass plate that is screwed in on a perpetual award. 

  • Gifted bases the price of the flexi's and plates based on size, type of metal and thickness. Prices start at $4.00 per plate and flexi. 

  • Flexi with a back plate is used on certain awards. Please inquire if these are right for your product. Prices start at $8.00pp. 

  • Engraving and logos on  BRASS PLATES are .$35 per letter and logos start at $5.00. 

  • Laser engraving on flexi's is a flat rate of $5.00 per piece,  which this includes laser logos and wording

Illumachrome™ PROCESS

Illumachrome™ is a process where any 4-color image can be adhered to a crystal award or gift,

giving it a multi-dimensional and vibrant appearance. 

  • Free proofs

  • 4 color process

  • 7-14 day production time from approval of proof

  • Set up $50.00

  • $15.00 color printing per award 

  • Please contact us regarding the specific glass & crystal product this can be used on

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